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Toyota Acknowledges Software Bug in Black Boxes, New York Injury Lawyer Reports


Toyota has formally stated there was a software bug in the device they used to read their black boxes, which resulted in incorrect data, New York Injury Lawyers have learned. This revelation came only months after the car manufacturer used the information gained from the boxes to say that it was human error, not mechanical failure that caused sudden acceleration.

The automaker says the problem has been corrected and the black boxes will no longer give incorrect data on speed. They assured New York Injury Lawyers that only the speed was recorded incorrectly, not readings for pedal and brake application, which were primary factors in determining the cause of sudden acceleration.

Nonetheless, the admission from Toyota makes the data taken from the black boxes more than a little suspect. Since the sudden acceleration problem has arisen, Toyota as issued more than 11 million recall notices and has been served hundreds of lawsuits.

“You can’t rely on event data recorders to determine whether there has been a sudden acceleration event,” the executive director of an auto safety group told a New York Injury Lawyer. “We can’t take Toyota at face value that the EDR is accurate enough to clear them of responsibility for sudden unintended acceleration.”

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