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Toyota Wins Acceleration Suit in New York


A federal jury in Islip, New York, has ruled for Toyota in a case of sudden acceleration in New York. This is in Suffolk County and near Nassau County.

The jury deliberated for less than an hour before finding Toyota was not responsible for a doctor’s 2005 Scion sudden acceleration and collision into a tree, sources tell us. The jury found the driver to be at fault, instead.

It was all the driver, not the brake or the floor mat which may have caught the accelerator, a lawyer for the car company reported. The doctor “made a mistake in the operation of his 2005 Scion TC”, the lawyer said to the jury. “He made a simple but unfortunate mistake.”

The doctor’s lawyers maintained that either the car’s electronic throttle system malfunctioned or the pedal was caught in the floor mat in the 2005 Toyota TC. Toyota had a great number of displays and video to show the jury otherwise. It took less than an hour for the jury to finally decide.

“It was all about how the mat came into play and it obviously it didn’t,” a 38-year-old juror told the court. According to her, her decision was influenced by “all the testing Toyota did. They had it all on video. It pretty much explained it.”

The case was filed on July 23, 2008 and from there it took nearly three years to arrange the trial and finally come to a verdict, but after a great deal of testimony, it took very little time for the jury to decide, due to what they saw as overwhelming evidence for the safety of the vehicle in question. There was no personal injury involved.

There were last minute attempts to dismiss a juror by Toyota, with the plaintiff resisting, but the motion was denied. Even so, Toyota prevailed. The jury decided for the car company and the judge ruled the case dismissed with prejudice. In the end, it came down to the exhibits and evidence that Toyota was able to present, showing the safety of their cars and how much testing they do to make sure their vehicles are safe and not the caused of personal injury.

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