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Tragic Explosion Injures Two in Manhattan


A popular Manhattan hamburger vending company had a tragic setback when the truck the business is based out of exploded suddenly on West Side Highway, sources told NYC Injury Attorneys. The two men inside were seriously injured.

The men were driving their truck south on West Street, from midtown where they had been serving lunch. One of the propane tanks exploded at around 3:15 p.m., officials and witnesses recalled.

“Black smoke started pouring out of the roof, then yellow flames,” said a 43-year-old witness from the Bronx. He works near the site of the accident as a superintendent.

“Boom – it blew the roof off. Everyone was hysterical. We thought it was a bomb.”

The truck pulled over onto the median and the two men were able to get out of the truck.

“They were on fire,” the superintendent said. “They got out and sat on the sidewalk. They were in shock.

The 21-year-old owner of the truck and his employee, the victims in the explosion, were both taken to New York-Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell. Their burns were deemed to be serious but nonlife-threatening, officials and family members said.

The truck was on its way to Tribeca, where they were scheduled to serve burgers at 4 p.m. Accidents happen all the time and sometimes they are severe enough to change lives forever. Such accidents mean a change in lifestyle, usually the loss of a job, which can mean the loss of medical insurance – catastrophe for a family. NYC Injury Attorneys are there to help in such cases, as well as those that are not so life-changing.

Major or minor, an accident that injures someone else should be allow for compensation, whether for medical bills or just for pain and suffering. At the very least, the cause of the accident should not be allowed to get away with it. A lawsuit is a good deterrent for making sure the same thing does not happen to anyone else. In the end, the goal is justice.

To get justice for yourself and your family in the face of an accident, call a NYC Injury Attorney. There are certainly others to that can help, but when only the best will do, a NYC Injury Attorney is your only option.

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