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Two Attorneys Start a Law Firm after Bar Brawl


Two practicing attorneys with a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania law firm have decided to leave and join a competing firm after a bar brawl in a local pub. Both attorneys deny their reasons for leaving had anything to do with the fight, claims a New York Injury Lawyer. The attorneys simply felt that after years of service moving to a new firm was the right decision for their careers. The new law firm is happy to take them in and is thrilled about the additional business.

The bar brawl started one night when one of the attorneys went to visit co-workers after work. Another lawyer from the same law firm stood up and punched the attorney in the face. The attorney fell into a nearby table causing the table to break. As stated by a NY Personal Injury Lawyer, the attorney got up and left the bar after being slapped in the face twice. He filed a complaint against the lawyer after the assault. He claims he will be dropping the complaint out of respect for the law firm partners.

The two attorneys resigned after the bar brawl to form their own law firm. After speaking with another established law firm in the Philadelphia area, the attorneys decided to merge their fledgling law firm with the larger firm. This arrangement will take at least a year to become official. In the meantime, both firms will share the same offices and clients. While this may seem unusual, law firms are always losing and acquiring new talent. Since the two attorneys are known in the area for winning a majority of their cases, any law firm would be happy to have them on board.

It is unclear at this time if the two attorneys will commit fully to becoming a part of the established law firm as they continue to describe the situation as an “engagement period before marriage.” The partners at the law firm the two attorneys recently resigned from claim to harbor no hard feelings and wish their former co-workers the best of luck as they pursue new business opportunities with the competing law firm.

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