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Two Seriously Injured in California in Suspected DWI


California Highway Patrol has reported two people who were injured in a head-on car accidenton Highway 46.

The accident occurred on a Saturday, around 11:15 p.m. Officers reported that a 49-year-old man from Fullerton, CA, was traveling west when he drifted into the eastbound lane. Police are fairly certain this was due to intoxication. Another driver, a 41-year-old man from Visalia, was traveling in the eastbound lane. When he saw the Fullerton driver drifting into the wrong lane, he pulled over to the side. The Fullerton man still hit the other vehicle on the side, and continued driving on, only to hit the vehicle of a 37-year-old Fresno woman head-on.

Both the allegedly intoxicated driver and the woman had to be extricated from their vehicle by emergency responders. The woman was taken to a hospital in Templeton, then air lifted to a hospital near her hometown of Fresno. The suspect was also taken to Templeton, then transferred to another hospital to receive surgery.

In the meantime, he was arrested for felony driving under the influence – the injuries the woman received raised the status of the crime from a misdemeanor. The second driver, the man from Visalia, was unharmed.

No one can possibly know when an accident will occur, changing lives forever. It is impossible to be truly prepared, no matter how good insurance might be, because there are always costs that are unforeseen – often emotional costs. While it is impossible to easily heal emotional suffering and trauma, there is still a need for justice, which means good legal representation is very important. There is no one better for that than a New York Personal Injury Lawyer.

Recovery could very well take more resources than insurance allows for, and even if it doesn’t, the one who caused the accident should be taken action against in such a way that ensures such an accident never occurs again. The accident could not have been prevented by the victim, but there are ways for a victim to help prevent future victims.

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