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U.S. Reduction of Fluoride in water


Various dentists tell New York Injury Lawyer that fluoride causes dental issues and the U.S. Department of Health has decided to lower the level of fluoride in the drinking water. This announcement was made to combat the many dental issues that have arisen across the nation. The Department of Health and Human Services gave a recommendation that the level of fluoride in water should be 0.7 milligrams per liter of water instead of a range recommendation that exceeded that amount.

Of course, according to the dental profession, the recommended level is not going to be in effect right away. The Lawyer who practices in New York City and Long Island agrees that it is in the best interest of the public to have some time to think about this and to comment on so thirty days is the time period to listen to any complaints.

The Department of Environmental Protection has decided to do their own investigation and research in the meantime and so they will be reviewing the highest degree of fluoride that should be allowed in the water.

A reputable doctor said to a New York Injury Lawyer,” We have waited so long to hear this kind of announcement in support of the right amount of fluoride to be allowed in our water irrigation systems. It will lessen tooth decay and other dental issues.”

This recommendation was reached because of the number of people found to have had too much fluoride consumption and the relation it had with tooth decay and other dental problems.

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