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Victims of Terrorism in Israel Can Bring Suit, says NYC Injury Lawyer


They spent a lifetime waiting to take the trip. It was to be a beautiful escape from the life they knew – a brief reprieve into the exotic world of sea travel. Two women who did not know each other would forever have their fates intertwined – a terrible tapestry of pain with stitching forever unbreakable. And now, thanks to a recent Israeli Supreme Court decision, they finally have an opportunity for redemption, a chance to bring some justice to the world.

Both women had embarked on a simple cruise ship vacation when their boat was taken over by Palestinian Liberation Organization terrorists, said a New York Injury Lawyer. The terrorists made their demands clear, simple, and violent: release captured terrorists or one passenger an hour will die. They kept their word.

One of the women watched in horror as her husband was killed, noted a New York Injury Lawyer. She and he and been on the ship to celebrate their thirty six year anniversary. The terrorists pointed a gun at him, cocked it, and without a moment’s mercy or hesitation pulled the trigger, executing the man. He could not rise to defend himself: he was in a wheelchair, reports a New York Injury Lawyer. Then, in an act of further cruelty, the terrorists took his limp body, along with the wheelchair that been his legs for so long, and hurled them both into the sea. Thirty six years of love now in a watery grave forever.

It took years to bring suit, and the case was almost denied a hearing on statute of limitations grounds, but the Supreme Court said it can now go forward, said a New York Injury Lawyer. A trial is expected later next year.

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