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West Virginia County Has Numerous Water Cases Filed, Reports


There have been more than 150 so-called “water cases” filed in Boone Circuit Court in West Virginia by mid-August against an energy company and five of its subsidiaries, a New York Injury Lawyer has learned.

Residents in the area of Seth-Prenter have complained to New York Injury Lawyers, “As a result of the defendants’ mining operations, the plaintiffs’ well water has been contaminated and is no longer safe to drink or use for household purposes.”

All of the cases name the energy company and its five subsidiaries as the defendants. Both individuals and families as a group seek a judgment against the six defendants, both jointly and severally for damages and injuries “proximately caused by their unlawful, wrongful, and negligent conduct…”

A judge reported to a New York Injury Lawyer that the court expects to be ready for a jury trial in October 2011. New York Injury Lawyers will be closely monitoring the case for further developments.

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