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When Truckers Drive Tired in New York ….


We all know that feeling: the uncomfortable knot in our stomach we get when we look in the rear-view mirror and see a large tractor-trailer bearing down on us. Even though most trucks are driven safely, the fact is that no matter how big the car you drive, these big rigs are much bigger and will cause more damage in any accident. Unfortunately, the number of accidents involving tractor-trailers and automobiles is on the rise, increasing the danger to automobile drivers. That’s when you need a New York Personal Injury Lawyer

As you might expect, collisions between large trucks and automobiles are especially deadly for the people in the automobile. Federal statistics show that 14 people die each day (over 5,000 each year) in . What is less well known is that the number one cause of crashes involving large trucks large truck crashes is not defective equipment, traffic hazards, or drunk driving but, rather, driver fatigue–in other words, tired truckers.

Federal law both limits the maximum number of hours a truck driver is supposed to drive and prohibits truckers from driving if they are “impaired through fatigue.” Even so, more and more big-rig drivers are taking to the highways without enough sleep. There are several reasons for this, including the relaxed industry regulation that has resulted in less-experienced truck drivers on the road. This same deregulation has also increased competition among trucking companies, escalating the pressure on drivers to complete their routes quickly. And, changes in the way goods carried by truck are distributed, such as “just in time” delivery, have resulted in tighter deadlines for truckers. All of these factors mean that the pressures on truckers to ignore the law and complete their deliveries even if they are too tired to drive safely will only increase.

Although recent cases involving truck-automobile accidents have resulted in tens of millions of dollars in damages, all of these cases have one common element: The automobile passengers are dead. If you are aware of the dangers tired truckers present, you can avoid becoming a statistic. Take a look at the box below for some helpful safety tips.


Remember that a large truck has a large blind spot. If you are driving in the truck’s blind spot, the truck driver cannot see you. Either stay behind the truck or else pass it quickly.

Do not follow a big rig too closely. Large trucks block your view of hazards further down the highway, and a tired trucker might not brake soon enough to give you the warning you need to avoid a collision.

If in doubt, give the truck a wide berth. A car almost always loses in a collision with a large truck. The best way to avoid such accidents is to avoid the trucks.

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