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Widow seeks compensation after losing her husband in an unnecessary accident in Kuwait


A woman, who lost her husband in 2009 in an accident while he worked for United Airlines, is seeking justice by suing Boeing Company for allegedly failing to provide the right kind of equipment to protect her husband and others from falling the way he did while he unloaded a jet at Kuwait International.

The 64-year-old man, who served as a ramp serviceman for United Airlines for more than two decades, had accompanied members of the United Airlines crew to Kuwait where he began unloading the jet.

One of the Boeing 747 employees allegedly moved the belt loader without warning causing the man to fall straight down to the tarmac. The fall left the man with severe brain injuries and he died nearly a week later, explained New York Injury Lawyers.

“This is a tragedy, and it should never have occurred,” the widow of the man said. “My husband was serving the country for United Airlines. We would like answers and we would like justice,” she added.

Along with the widow’s claim in the suit against Boeing , she also charged NMC-Willard’s for failure to protect her husband and also claims that CAV International-Inc, shares responsibility because its worker was distracted and caused the accident by moving the loader.

“CAV International failed to adequately train and supervise its employees” the grieving widow, who is seeking an undisclosed amount of money, said.

Boeing and CAV International could not comment on the allegations and details of the suit and officers with NMC-Willard were unavailable.

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