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Wife-beating Ex-Cop Escapes Jail Time


An NPYD precinct commander was savagely beaten by her ex-cop husband, suffering a broken bone and a hospital stay, but he managed to get escape time in prison by pleaded guilty to drastically reduced charges.

The ex-cop, 47, trailed his wife, a deputy inspector and commanding officer for a precinct in Bedford-Stuyvesant, to a home on Long Island, on March 21. He waited for her to emerge, and when she did, he confronted her and assaulted her there on the front lawn, police sources explained to a reporter. The attack broke several of the victim’s ribs.

Hearing the screams of the woman being attacked, a detective with the NYPD Joint Terrorism Task Force came to her assistance and the ex-cop fled. According to the ex-cop, upon being questioned later, his wife, 46, was having an affair with the detective who rescued her.

Before a judge, the ex-cop pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors, third-degree assault and trespassing. He also pleaded guilty to a violation, disorderly conduct. For these crimes, the Suffolk County judge presiding over the case ordered him to attend domestic violenceclasses and issued an order of protection for the ex-cop’s wife. The judge also gave the ex-cop three years of probation. After nearly a month, the precinct commander returned to work.

In some cases, legal system just doesn’t come through. The punishment may not be enough, or compensation may be required to pay for medical costs, time lost from work, or even pain and suffering.

Justice should be served in Manhattan as well as Staten Island and all should be done to make sure the perpetrator remembers the harm he or she has done, so it will never happen to anyone else.

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