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Woman Settles Suit Against it’s Board and President


A woman who settled her harassment suit against a local town president will receive $75,000 in the settlement. According to online federal court records, the settlement was negotiated on Dec. 16, 2010.

According to a New York Injury Lawyer, the lawsuit alleged that the former president inappropriately touched and made sexual comments to her. The woman was an assistant for the town’s administrator. Further, her lawsuit alleged that the Board and the president retaliated against her. She was fired from her job in December 2008. The lawsuit was filed July 6, 2010.

In the lawsuit, the woman stated that on several occasions the man called her after her work hours at home. He wanted to discuss personal matters going on in his life. He also made it aware that he expected her to travel with him during personal errands.

The president denied the allegations she made against him in her lawsuit on several occasions. He did not run for reelection. He would have been in his second term. The lawsuit also states that even though the woman complained about the harassment, the Village Board and her boss did not do anything to stop it. The lawsuit also alleged that she was fired for viewing confidential information, but when she pursued the matter, she could not get information on what she looked at. She said she was never informed of doing anything wrong until she was fired, her lawsuit stated.

The $75,000 settlement for the woman is reimbursement for back pay and compensatory damages she suffered when fired. The settlement will also cover legal fees for her attorney.

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