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Wrong-Way Driver in Fort Worth Apologizes for Crash


According to a New York Personal Injury Lawyer, an accident on Interstate 30 in Fort Worth resulted in a fireball that killed a father. The suspect is now imprisoned and the highway is seriously damaged.

“Well, I’m really sorry,” said the 23-year-old suspect. The police received calls around 2:30 a.m. about a driver traveling in the wrong direction on the highway.

Only a few minutes later, a terrible car accidentoccurred, where a 45-year-old fuel tanker truck driver was killed when the suspected drunk driver collided with his vehicle.

The suspect had only a few stitches above his eye and felt remorseful when told about the surviving family of the truck driver, his wife and three children.

“I know I committed an accident, a real bad accident,” he a Manhattan Personal Injury Lawyer. “I feel sorry for the family that lost that person.”

The suspect had only been in the Fort Worth area for a few months, after arriving from Washington State, intending to start his own restaurant. He ended up at a bar, and had about 10 beers. He doesn’t recall anyone telling him not to drive.

“I am very sorry. Really, really sorry. My mistake. Bad decision that I made,” he said. “I am really sorry. Really sorry.”

The suspect said he did not remember getting on the road in the wrong direction. He does not remember the crash or the explosion that killed the truck driver. He only remembers being wakened by a police officer in the hospital who told him he was going to jail for killing someone.

“I wish someone could help me,” the suspect told a Bronx Car Accident Lawyer.

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is investigating the bar and bartender where the suspect was drinking. If it can be determined that the served him after he was allegedly intoxicated, the owner may go to jail and its liquor license could be revoked.

There are going to have to be extensive repairs to the road, damaged by the explosion. The Texas Department of Transportation says these repairs may take months. Steel beams have to be made and the surface of the road has to be replaced.

These types of incidents hurt so many. Not only the defendant, who can face serious legal consequences for their actions, but also the unsuspecting victims whose live are often cut short by these offenses. If you have been charged with a DWI or similar offense, it is important to seek legal counsel right away. Whether you are guilty or innocent, these charges can have a lasting impact on your life. If you are found guilty, you may be facing prison time, substantial fines, probation, community service and loss of your license. Even if you are innocent, these types of charges can create problems with your personal and professional life.

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