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Young Girl Pinned by Car Rescued


Accidents in the home require hospital visits more often than workplace injuries, as reported by a New York Injury Lawyer this week. As Parents, we do what we can to try to make our homes safe for ourselves and our family, but we cannot catch every little danger. A broken glass, some spilled liquid or a frayed electrical chord are easy to miss but have the potential for danger..

According to reports by a NY Car Accident Lawyer, it was a stray car that sent a 13 year old girl to the hospital at 7 am one morning. Just a few minutes past breakfast she was attempting to warm up the car for her ride to school, as her Dad must have let her do. Lots of teens get a kick out of starting the car before they actually have a chance to drive it. It gives them a thrill.

Manual transmissions are less common than automatics, reports the N York Injury Lawyer, and they have different mechanics under which they operate. According to reports, the manual transmission in the car slipped and the vehicle lurched forward and hit the wall, crashing through a closed garage door. The girl found herself pinned with her leg out of the car and between the garage itself and she was unable to get free.

It didn’t take long for rescue workers to free her, said the New York Car Accident Lawyer, after which she was taken to the hospital and released with minor injuries. This young student got a day off that was unexpected and probably pretty scary, but she will recover. Such are the risks we take for that sense of responsibility and rush of excitement, wanting to now what is waiting just beyond the wings. As parents, we know.

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