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Young Singer Attacked by Five Teenagers


To keep a rival out of a talent show, five high school girls assaulted another girl, one of them beating her with a padlock inside a sock, a New York Injury Lawyer reported. “Yo, b***h. I got a lock,” allegedly the first attacker, before the assault began, according to a police source.

The 16-year-old girl with the lock and four of her friends are accused of attacking a 17-year-old student a Brooklyn High School, known for being a gifted singer. She was outside the home of her voice coach when the attack occurred. After it was all over, the victim was left with a head injuryconsisting of six stitches near her left ear, a cut on her face, and a bruised jaw.

“I wasn’t able to open my jaw. I wasn’t able to talk. I wasn’t able to sing,” the victim reported. She also said one of the girls attacked her “because I sang better than her… it was jealousy. It was all due to the talent show.”

The victim’s mother said that her daughter received a Facebook message the day before the attack. It said “they were going to get her and hurt her so she wouldn’t be able to sing again.”

After the attack, the talent show was canceled. Witnesses say the attack happened swiftly. The victim was outside the home of her voice coach when she was surrounded by her attackers. First the girl with the lock started, then the other four joined in.

“I could see them hitting her with something,” said one witness. She watched the whole thing from her apartment window. “She started out on the stoop, and you could tell she didn’t want to fight, but she came down and they fought her with everybody hyping it up. She was bleeding.”

The victim had a friend with her who tried to help, but she was also beaten, authorities explained in their reports. Four of the girls were arrested on the scene, while the fifth was captured a few days later.

The damage caused by a vicious assault, or even just an accident, is often much more than physical. It can affect the victim’s emotional well being and livelihood for years to come. Speak to a skilled lawyer at Stephen Bilkis and Associates to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

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