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Youth and Inexperience a Major Source of Accidents


Our roadways are in a constant state of flux, just ask any NY Car Accident Lawyer. Every month new, young drivers, full of possibility and excitement for their commuter futures, line up to receive their drivers license, to be turned loose upon the highways, hopefully with enough training to keep from hurting themselves or others.

According to reports by a New York Injury Lawyer, however, the enthusiasm that a new driver may be feeling is often accompanied by nervousness and their lack of experience behind the wheel could be the major cause of traffic accidents, since they lack the competence to see all potential situations and to effectively deal with them.

Of course, a little fender bender is no big deal, for the most part. It might upset a young drivers parents and it might do a bit of damage, resulting in nothing more than an insurance claim, says the New York Auto Accident Lawyer. Unfortunately, the oversight is not always a small one, and serious accidents and even death can occur.

According to a New York City Injury Lawyer, the failure of new drivers to heed road signs, combined with excess speed, is a major cause of accidents resulting in death in people under the age of 20. Driving is a privilege, and one that most teens wait for with extreme anticipation. Teaching our young people the basics is not enough when it comes to letting new drivers loose on the roadways. We need to instill a sense of responsibility in them before they are forced to take responsibility for hurting someone else.

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