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Vermont House Wants a Study on Medical Malpractice


Recent reports from a New York City Injury Lawyer reveal lawmakers from the state of Vermont have considered asking the Shumlin administration in Vermont to come up with recommendations for correcting the medical malpractice system in the state with the main concern being they would like to lower the costs of healthcare in the state.

Medical malpracticeinvestigations are very common. In debates over healthcare reform at both state and federal levels, the spotlight is put on the doctors and the medicine they are claimed to use to prevent lawsuits.

Members of the House Health Committee almost finished their completion of the work they have done on a bill that is supposed to put Vermont in the direction of single payer health care. They recently got a visit from the chairman of the Judiciary Committee with a suggestion calling for the medical malpractice study.

Healthcare has been a national issue for several years now as members of both national political parties have debated on whether healthcare reform is even possible, and if so they have to figure out the best way to do it. It has been in the news almost every day and much of the country has been up in arms regarding this issue. It has struck cords in everyone from the very rich who don’t want to pay more taxes to the middle class who can’t afford the rising costs in addition to almost everything else these days. Because the cost of healthcare is going up, the costs of prescription drugs have gone up considerably as well, mainly for senior citizens who need more drugs and are more likely to be on a fixed income.

One of the issues the study would spend a significant amount of time addressing is the cost of defensive medicine and one of the main points is to find a way to lower the costs of medicine while at the same time protecting patients.

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