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A New York Injury Lawyer Says Save Evidence For Products Liablility Cases as well as Slip and Falls.

Evidence is one of the keys to all cases but especially in product liability cases. People are often injured as a result of a product being defective. Therefore, it is imperative to secure the product and keep it in as close to the exact condition it was when the accident happened. Take pictures of it and the injury as well. If the article is under someone else’s control do what you can to protect it. There have been incidents of people attempting to purchase the defective item in order to eliminate it as evidence.

If it is a machine that caused your injury, find out who installed it, conducted the maintenance on it, as well as get the instruction manuels and or packing that the machine was delievered in. If you were involved ina slip and fall, keep the shoes you were wearing and try to find the material that caused the slip.If there are witness to the accident try as best you can to get names and addresses so they can be contacted later by your NewYork Injury Lawyer. Your lawyer will try and get their statements, which also can be used as evidence.

Never create evidence for the defendant’s Sometimes after a slip and fall owners or managers of the property where the injury happened will ask you to sign an injury report. As a general rule don’t sign anything! Tell them to forward all documents to your New York Injury Lawyer so it can be properly reviewed. You don’t want them to use your statement against you when you are at your most vulnerable.

Paper and reports can also be evidence: Credit card slips, medical information, product directions, accident reports, just to name a few types, can all be submitted as evidence to wina case. Take everyting you collected to a New York Injur Lawyer as as quickly was your can so it can be preserved and inventoried for your case..

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