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Collect and Protect Evidence in Personal Injury Cases is invaluable say a New York Injury Lawyer


There are many types of injury cases, they all have one ting in common. Evidence is the key to winning you case. For example, in a New York Injury case, if you think you have been injured you are thinking about getting a lawyer, you should try and gather up as much evidence as possible to help your case and your injury case. Anything you can do to helpr your New York Injury Lawyer will go to your benefit.

Pictures taken at the time of the injury or accident are the best. If you can’t get them then, take them soon after before the condition has changed. If you have been hurt in a car accident, take pictures of the vehicles involved at the exact spot of the accident if possible. your injuries. Car accident scenes is imporatnat to see exactly where the cars were at the time of the collision. look for tire marks, signals and crosswalk markings.

Sooner is better than later. A picture of the accident scene taken the day after a collision is worth more than one taken a year later. A picture of your bruises taken soon after you were injured will tell more than pictures of the same bruises once they have begun to heal.Also if you are hospitalized remember to take pictures in the hospital with all of the prescribed braces and aids. One more thing to remeber don’t smile! Many people are conditioned to smile when a picture is being taken. Just be yourself and show exactly what is going on at the time. Accuracy is important.

When you hire a New York injury lawyer to represent you, give him all of the evidence you have saved. This will help make your case and get you the compensation you deserve.

Stephen Bilkis & Associates with its injury lawyers, has convenient locations throughout the New York Metropolitan area including Manhattan,New York City, New York. Our attorneys can provide you with personal injury legal advice caused by someone else’s negligence. Without an attorney you will not know all your rights and may not be properly protecting you and your loved ones. There are certain circumstances which come up in an Injury Law case that call for a Criminal Lawyer’s expertise. If you need criminal advice, Stephen Bilkis & Associates can aid you.

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