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Attorney awarded full fees, according to New York Injury Lawyer


The lawyer who represented a man injured when a Staten Island ferry crashed has

finally been awarded his full attorney fees from the settlement. In 2008, the attorney

won the case of a man paralyzed from the chest down as a result of the Andrew J.

Barberi ferry accident which occurred on October 15, 2003, reports a New York Injury

Attorney. Due to the age of the incident, details of the crash were not given at this time

as they had been previously reported. No pictures were offered either. The final verdict

was $18.3 million for the injured man, giving the lawyer a grand total of $6 million for

representation. Brooklyn Federal Judge decreased the attorney’s compensation to 20%

of the total award instead of the typical one-third shortly after the decision of the case,

says a New York Injury Lawyer. The judge gave the reasoning that the city’s

liability for the crash had been proven before the case went to trial, thereby apparently

lessening the amount of work for the attorney. The issue of liability was the main factor

in the judge’s decision for the cut, and it is not clear if there were any other contributing

reasons. This reduction brought the total for the attorney to $3,660,000. After an almost

two year battle, the judge has reversed his decision and the attorney will get to keep the

full $6 million. A New York Injury Lawyer should be the first call after an incident in

which you are harmed as a result of someone else’s carelessness.

There is no reason to not receive the highest possible compensation when you have

been injured by the negligence of another. Call a New York Injury Attorney today and

get started on the road to recovery, physically and financially. A New York Injury Lawyer

may not be able to take away all your pain, but they can help diminish the mental

anguish and suffering from an accident.

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