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Breast-feeding Mom sues cafe, reports a New York Injury Lawyer


Breastfeeding a young child is generally considered a necessity for the health of the baby, and while some feel that it is inappropriate to be done in public, most have agreed, as well as the courts, that it is an acceptable practice to be done in public, as anything done for the wellbeing of a child is to be tolerated publicly. A Manhattan mother who claims that she was asked to leave a cafe is now suing the business, says a New York Injury Lawyer. The woman and her friend were both nursing their young infants when a manager at the cafe allegedly first asked them to stop breast feeding, and when they refused, asked them to leave the establishment.

According to a New York Injury Lawyer, the women left in tears, and at least one of them has stopped nursing in public because of the emotional trauma she has received. Both women are suing the establishment for an undisclosed monetary sum.

The owners of the cafe have responded to the suit by saying that not only are they accepting of breast-feeding, but have encouraged it at their place of business with signs that show their support. They also claim that in the incident the case refers has been inaccurately depicted, and that the manager only asked the ladies to cover up a bit more when other customers complained, and that they were never asked to leave the premises. It seems the case is going to have to go to trial, as both sides may have a strong case and it will come down to who the jury believes.

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