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Brooklyn children are suffering injury at Brooklyn Bridge Park, reports a New York Injury Lawyer.


Young Kira Foley had been playing at the new Brooklyn Bridge Park; located at 1 Main Street Brooklyn, NY 11201, when she suffered a serious injury. The 5 year old Brooklyn, NY resident went to the park on opening day and began playing on the dome shaped climbing toy. The dome is made of sleek metal. Foley suffered injury after falling off the dome. She lost a tooth and broke her nose. Reports indicate her father has been trying to have the domes removed so other children do not suffer injury as well.

The same domes that caused Kira Foley an injury is also burning children. Reports by a New York Injury Lawyer indicate the domes, which are made of metal, attract and hold the scorching summer heat. The children that dare to play on them during a sunny day receive burns to any part of the body that touches the dome. Reports do not indicate if any children have suffered a serious burn injury due to the domes. After reports of the burns, Kings County official constructed tents to cover the domes from direct sunlight. But even with that slight precaution, parents want them removed. Officials have posted signs in the park warning parents of the dangerous play equipment.

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