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Crib recalls and defects on the rise this past year


A study points out that in the past year, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has had a slue of recalls for cribs that are both drop-sided and non-drop sided and they have been manufactured all over the world, including the United States.

Investigators in The Bronx and Brooklyn are questioning why products for such a vulnerable group aren’t tested properly. “Why should children’s lives be at risk,” One salesman asks and adds, “Where is product testing when it comes to infants’ and children’s furniture? Why is it taking so long for companies to define, adopt and implement standards of excellence that prevent dangerous children’s furniture from reaching the marketplace at all?”

He sights examples from several manufacturers including Graco in April of 2010, who recalled 217,000 drop-side cribs. The company had received nearly 100 reports of the cribs hardware coming undone and six reports of children falling out of the crib when it came undone. The cribs were manufactured in China and VietNam cost families between $140 and $200.

Next he sighted Simplicity Cribs that were recalled by retailers and the CPSC and are no longer in business because the mattresses were tubular and metal and often bent or detached, which caused a small space for a child to get wedged or trapped in.

“One child actually died from the design of the Simplicity Crib,” an observer said. “I just don’t get how something like that even goes to market.” This is product liability.

International/Sorelle of East Rutherford, New Jersey reported a similar problem with their cribs and had to recall 170,000 of them from the market. These cribs were made in Italy, Latvia, Brazil, China and VietNam and caused entrapment and personal injury for infants too when the hardware became unlatched.

The observer sights several more examples of recalls by Simmons Juvenile Products; 50,000 dope-side cribs, Victory Land Group; 34,000 recalled 3-in-1 drop side cribs, Burlington Bassinets; 500,000 recalls and Ikea; 34,000 recalls.

“It seems like these crib manufacturers haven’t learned anything from past mistakes. Most of these problems are the same and involve entrapment and suffocation risks. I just don’t understand the short cuts!” said the victim.

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