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Cruise ship crew member airlifted to hospital after sustaining injuries, reports NYC Injury Lawyer


A member of the crew of the cruise ship Crystal Symphony was airlifted to a hospital in La Jolla recently, after suffering serious eye injuries, tells a New York Injury Lawyer. It is uncertain what happened to the man to cause the injuries, but sources say that after ships physicians had conferred with the US Coast Guard, it was decided by a Coast Guard physician that in the interest of saving the man’s eyesight, a helicopter transport was necessary. 

Reports obtained by the New York Injury Lawyer said that a medevac helicopter lifted off from San Diego, in addition to an HC-103 Hercules airplane for support purposes. The helicopter reached the cruise ship, which was about 250 miles off the coast of San Diego and hoisted the injured man into the helicopter, where he was transported to Scripps Memorial Hospital. 

The authorities were unaware of the man’s status or what caused the injury. At this time there is no reason to suspect negligence or foul play, but investigation into the incident is underway and results are pending. By all accounts, it seems as if the emergency personnel on board the ship and the Coast Guard worked quickly and with efficiency in getting the man the medical attention that he needed. 

When someone is seriously injured on a cruise ship that is out to sea, there are well trained staff on hand and communication systems in place to handle an emergency, especially since cruise ships carry hundreds of passengers at a time. That fact should make all passengers feel safer.

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