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Football Player Injured After Collision with Bus


A European football player was involved in a car accidentwhen his vehicle was struck by a local bus. The bus, carrying about 40 passengers hit the player’s vehicle around 8am. The player was on his way to train when the accident happened. Two teammates were driving in another vehicle behind the player and were able to get him out of the vehicle before medical personnel arrived on the scene. The teammates were able to safely remove the player without causing additional injury.

The player was taken to the hospital for minor injuries and remained overnight for observation. An MRI was given to determine if the player suffered a concussion or other internal injury such as head trauma or neck strain. The player was also checked for shoulder injury. The hospital has since stated that the player is in stable condition.

It is unclear at this time which driver caused the accident. No injuries were reported by those on the bus. The bus, a local public transportation bus, was making its usual stops when the accident occurred. It is unknown how much experience the bus driver had or if the bus experienced mechanical problems at the time of the accident. Further investigation into the accident will be needed to determine the exact cause. No charges have been filed so far, points out a New York Injury Lawyer, but may be pending if the player or the driver is found negligent.

The player has had an exciting career so far. It is unknown when the player will be allowed to return to the field. Depending on the extent of his injuries, he may need physical therapy and time to heal before returning to the game. In the meantime, the player is recovering without incident. The damage to the player’s vehicle and the bus is also unknown at this time. Police may have to examine the vehicle and bus for evidence.

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