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Harassment Lawsuit Adjusted to Include Additional Actions


A federal Supreme Court in Utah modified charges against a Weber County judge to include retaliation against the woman filing a harassment suit, a source was told.

The woman filed the harassment suit February 2010 in the U.S. District Court for Utah in Salt Lake City. She named the county and the judge in the revised lawsuit. According to the document, the judge is accused of conducting unwanted sexual advances to his chief court administrator. The harassment occurred for about two years, a court reporter read from the lawsuit.

Her lawyer and the woman released a key piece of evidence in their case to the media after several failed attempts to hold the judge responsible. When the state’s Judicial Conduct Commission did not do anything about the harassment, the lawyer and his client released the 11-page love poem, which the judge wrote for the woman. The poem was single-spaced and mildly erotic. These cases are of great interest to courts in New York City and Nassau.

Not only does the lawsuit include physical evidence, but also it lists several advances where the judge harassed the woman. One advance noted in the lawsuit describes multiple times where the judge rubbed up against the woman. The woman also claims that the judge told the woman he dreamed of her naked from the waist up while doing dishes.

The updated lawsuit suggests that the retaliation against the woman was because she spoke up against the harassment, a collegue commented. Her position was eliminated April 2010 when the court was closed due to economic reasons. The suit states that the judge blamed the woman for costing all of the court’s officials their jobs. No court dates have been set in the case.

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