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An automobile accident occurred on the night of October twenty-fourth. It was a multi-car accident between a car and a fire truck. The accident took place in Bethlehem Pennsylvania.

A sixty-year-old male by the name of William Samer was driving his vehicle along Route 378 and believed to be on his way to New York when a Bethlehem fire truck was responding to a call and trying to make its way through the traffic. The fire truck, being driven by Frank Dashner, 50, was driving in the opposed lane, trying to avoid the traffic in the northbound lanes. Samer allegedly passed numerous vehicles that pulled over, who were letting the fire truck drive by. Although the truck did have its lights on and alarm sounded, the car did not stop to let it pass by as the truck was on its way towards Eight Avenue in Bethlehem. Samer’s car spun around and hit the fire truck just north of the overpass.

William Samer was declared dead at about ten p.m. that same night in St. Luke’s Hospital-Fountain Hill. . The cause of his death was from many traumatic injuries. Frank Dashner, of Bethlehem, received help from Lehigh Valley Hospital-Muhlenberg and was released.There was no report of an arrest by the police.

Unfortunately, there are times when someone suffers a tragic injury or worse. At these troubled times it may pay to enlist the help of a New York Injury Lawyer to assist you. The auto accident was believed to be a result of the failure of the car to pull over to left for the fire truck If this accident were to have happened in New York, a good New York Injury lawyer would find out when were the engines lights put on and when was the siren put on. The driver may have been netitled to reasonable amount of time to react. Currently that information is not available. This fatal injury may have been avoided if the Fire Truck had taken necessary precautions earlier A good New York Injury Lawyer will enable you to defend your legal rights and getting to the truth is a good start.

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