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New York Injury Lawyer reports a crib recall after infant fatalities occur

Stork Craft Manufacturing of Canada has issued a recall on over 2 million cribs this week. The cribs were made in China, Canada and Indonesia and sold in US stores like Target, Costco and Wal-Mart. The prices ranged from $100-$400 and have been sold since 1993. The cribs that have been recalled have drop-sides, which is where one of the sides slides down to make it easier to access the child. The side though, can come loose or have parts go missing after a while. That creates a gap that a child can fall through. That gap has caused four infant fatalities which could call for a New York Criminal Lawyer to be involved. Stork Craft Manufacturing has also issued repair kits for those who want to keep their cribs. The kit will prevent the side from dropping down. Reports do not indicate if the families of the children have filed a lawsuit against Stork Manufacturing but Endangering the Welfare of a Child is not out of the question.

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