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Sheriff loses job for moonlighting while ‘injured’, says NY Injury Lawyer


A local sheriff has lost his job while on medical leave, reports a New York Injury Lawyer. The sheriff collected over $83,000 during the nine months he was on leave, while still showing up for work at local strip clubs as part of the security team. The sheriff claims that the city was looking for a reason to fire him after he had taken part in a discrimination lawsuit against the city that had been settled for half a million dollars in 2008.

According to a New York Injury Lawyer, the source of the sheriff’s injury was not released, but he was still able to frequent the night clubs. His attorney said that he was not at the club as an employee, but rather going recreationally, and that he was carrying his firearm because as a police officer he always carried it.

The sheriff’s appeal was recently tossed out of court, so he may not be able to fight his dismissal, although he remains true to his prior statement that he did nothing wrong and was fired only as retaliation for his past involvement in the discrimination lawsuit.

The former sheriff was also arrested for trespassing after he continued to show up to court after he had been dismissed, says the New York Injury Lawyer. He is also fighting those charges.

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