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Sunrise highway in Merrick is the scene of a near tragic Accident says a New York Personal Injury Lawyer


A vehicle collision occurred on the morning of October sixteenth, 2008. It was a 2-vehicle car accident.

The deadly crash happened when a Nissan supposedly hit a gas tanker in the rear.

The Nissan was demolished and everyone was fortunate that no leads occurred which would have made it more dangerous. After the accident, traffic was backed up and bottlemecked for over 2 miles as a result of the accident. The Nassau County Police were on the scene and opened an investigation as to the cause of the accident. The Police were there for several hours piecing together the accident.

The drivers were injured and taken to the hospital. An ambulnace was rushed to the accident scene as the injurysuffered by the driver of the Nissan appeared to be serious. It was reported that the driver of the Nissan rushed to the Nassau University Medical Center for treatment. The other driver only suffered minor injuries and refused medical treatment.

A person involved in the car accident that has an injury needs to retain a New York Personal Injury Lawyer to aid them with their case. Currently, the reason for the auto accident is not yet known, a good New York Personal Injury Lawyer will enable you to to find out who is responsible for the accident and defend your legal rights.

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