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Tainted Lettuce makes 2 sick, scares city, says New York Injury Lawyer.


Some lettuce was recently discovered to have been infected by E. Coli, says a New York Injury Lawyer. As of now, at least two people have been hospitalized for E. Coli infection. Both of the victims were said to have eaten romaine lettuce with a few hours of hospitalization, which is how the New York State Public Health Laboratory discovered the infection.

According to a New York Injury Lawyer, a great deal of lettuce has been thrown out because of the outbreak. Many New Yorkers are afraid to eat anything that may have been tainted by E. Coli.

E. Coli, says a New York Injury Lawyer, can cause mild diarrhea as well as far more severe complications, including damage to the kidneys, which is why it is considered such a serious issue when even a small amount of E. Coli is discovered.

It appears at present that the outbreak was mostly contained. Outside of the two people who were hospitalized, no other cases have been reported. The main effect so far has been in scaring other New Yorkers who feared they could be infected. No word has been given as to whether any lawsuits will be filed.

If you find yourself sick because of poorly processed food, your best course of action is to contact a New York Injury Attorney. Cases involving tainted food can be extremely complicated and difficult to win, so in order to gain the best possible outcome, you should contact a New York Injury Attorney.

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