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Two children were injured in a car accident


Two children were injured in a car accident and taken to separate hospitals where they are recovering from critical injuries. One child was not breathing and was unconscious when emergency medical personnel arrived and had to be transported to the hospital in a helicopter. The other child was also unconscious, but able to breathe without assistance, reported a New York Injury Lawyer. The parents of the children were also in the vehicle, but only suffered minor injuries. Both children were securely fastened in child seats at the time.

The driver of the other vehicle involved in the accident, a local church deacon, died at a local hospital from injuries he sustained after the car accident. It is unclear how the accident occurred, but the deacon ran off the road and hit the other vehicle while it was sitting at a stoplight. The deacon hit a utility pole which propelled his vehicle into the air. It then crashed into the other vehicle.

Further investigation is needed into the exact cause of this accident. Mechanical failure, driver error or medical emergency are potential causes, points out a NY Personal Injury Lawyer. A medical examiner’s report should shed some light on the medical condition of the deacon at the time. He may have suffered a heart attack or stroke which could have caused him to lose control of his vehicle.

The deacon was a friendly, popular man in his church. Many in the parish are now mourning his sudden death. It is unknown when funeral arrangements have been made or where the funeral will be held. In the meantime, the community continues to mourn the loss of one of their leaders and hopes the children involved in the accident will recover soon.

Depending on the extent of their injuries, the children may have to spend time in the hospital and then participate in out-patient care. It may take many months before the children heal from their injuries. The damage to the vehicle the children were traveling in is unknown at this time. It is also unclear how badly injured the parents where after the accident.

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