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Staten Island bus driver deemed a hero, boasts New York Injury Lawyer

A bus driver in Staten Island was lauded a hero for retrieving a man from a Sport Utility
Vehicle that was engulfed in flames. The engine burst into flames following an accident.
There are no details or pictures available regarding the crash, and it is unclear if
investigations are still pending. No word was given if any other vehicles were involved or
what caused of the collision, mechanical failure or operator error. The identity of the
driver of the SUV was not revealed to New York Car Accident Lawyers. The NYC transit
driver saw the man trying to get out of the automobile which filled with thick, black
smoke so he helped him to safety. He checked the back first for children, as he is the
father of three year old twin girls, and upon finding no one else in the vehicle, he
assisted the driver. There is no indication that either man was injured in the ordeal. NYC
Transit President and the shop steward of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 516 which
represents Staten Island bus workers, celebrated the heroics of the bus driver. They told
New York Injury Lawyers that he was a special guy that would help anyone in need.
There is no doubt that the transit driver’s children will enjoy hearing the story of their
daddy rescuing a man from a burning car, and will most likely request repeated
narratives of the incident. The duration of the man’s employment with NYC Transit was
not made known to New York Injury Lawyers.

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