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A Florida Man Files Claim Against Texas Company


A man from Florida says a company in Spring, Texas, along with two other businesses, should claim responsibility for injuries he allegedly suffered while working aboard a ship.

The plaintiff filed a complaint under the Jones Act on April 1st, 2011 in Harris County District Court against the three companies he holds responsible.

According to the plaintiff, back in May 2010, he was working as a second captain aboard a ship owned by the defendants. The plaintiff, a man from Marathon, Florida, says he was ordered to throw a 6-inch hawser without help from anyone else, sources told NY City Injury Lawyers.

A hawser is a heavy rope used for towing or for mooring ships. The plaintiff claims the hawser did not have a heaving line. He further explained, a coworker allowed the hawser to slip into the water, soaking the line.

The wet hawser caused the plaintiff a great deal of injury to his shoulder, he described to NY City Injury Lawyers. According to him, the injury was due to unsafe and unseaworthy conditions on the ship on which he served.

The plaintiff claims the defendants have to pay for his medical care, maintenance income, and lost wages, but they claim they owe him nothing of the kind. The plaintiff would also like to be awarded damages for mental anguish, medical costs, physical impairment and distress, and physical pain and suffering.

It has been learned that the injured man is demanding a jury trial and has already secured the services of an attorney to press his case.

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