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An attorney in a sexual harassment case has been suspended for one year


An attorney has just been suspended for one year from practicing law after being accused in multiple situations of sexual harassment said a New York Injury Lawyer.

After a thorough review of the accused attorney’s case, the Supreme Court suspended him for longer than the original year sentence, and even questioned whether he should be permitted to practice law ever again. According to some of the files, the man was accused of harassing five different administrative assistants. Some of the accusations involved sexual and shocking notes on the women’s desks, whereas some of the woman said they were fondled or touched in a sexual way without consent or sent racy photos via text. The man had been serving as a defense attorney and a pro-tem judge in his local county.

He insisted his behavior was ok because he was good friends with these women and they knew he was joking around. He added that he suffered from low testosterone and that the medication he needed to take, Androgel, caused aggressive behavior and depression.

One man, who felt the suspect should not be reinstated as an attorney, held his position and added that the man absolutely knew his behavior was crossing the line, and still continued with it with these women, according to a New York Injury Lawyer.

Once the man has completed his suspension sentence, in order to be reinstated or even considered, he has had to agree to emotional therapy and has to be able to prove he is sound enough to continue as an attorney. Attorneys like this one are not tolerated in The Bronx or Brooklyn when they behave badly.

Being associated with a crime of harassment can cause emotional harm to everybody involved. New York Injury Attorneys can help assess your particular situation. New York Injury Attorneys will make sure you and your family are taken care of.

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