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Another PATH train accident leaves numerous passengers with injury. It appears the injured parties will need an aggressive New York Injury Lawyer

Recently, a morning PATH train got into an accident while passengers were still aboard. PATH; which stands for Port Authority Trans Hudson; run from New Jersey to New York. The train that caused the accident was coming out of Hoboken, NJ and heading towards the World Trade Center Memorial. The train had approximately 450 passengers on it when it collided with a “bumper block” (a mechanism used to stop the train) at the 33rd Street Station in New York City. Fourteen people including the conductor sustained injury. They were taken to various hospitals in Manhattan, NY. The PATH employees were taken to Bellevue Hospital; located at 462 First Ave, New York NY 10016. The other passengers on the train declined medical attention. New York County Police have not released the types of injury suffered by those involved in the accident but did say all injuries were minor ones.

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