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A woman was pregnant with her second baby in 2003. She gave birth to her first baby in 1997 and all went well. She saw the same obstetrician regularly for her pre-natal check-ups. He found that she was suffering from gestational diabetes during her second pregnancy. He notified her that her baby may be bigger than her first baby.

A New York Injury Lawyer said this was the second pregnancy, the doctor had already established that the woman’s pelvis was sufficient and adequate to allow her to give birth normally. As the woman was delivering her second baby, she was lying flat on the delivery table and her legs were spread apart with her heels hitched onto the stirrups, the woman’s pelvis broke. The bones where the two halves of her pelvis met were relaxed by the hormones of childbirth but the doctor performed a hyper flexion-abduction maneuver after she was given an epidural. She delivered her baby vaginally but after the child’s birth, the mother was rushed for surgery in the same hospital to repair her fractured pelvis with plates and screws. The mother sued the hospital and her obstetrician for medical malpractice for the injury she herself sustained in the course of her delivery and childbirth.

She maintains that her pelvis would not have fractured if the doctor had done his job (medical malpractice) and determined the baby’s delivery weight. The baby was huge because of her gestational diabetes and the mother’s pelvis would not have fractured if the baby were delivered via a cesarean section.

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A mother took her two children to a pet store so that they can buy pet supplies on January 23, 2006. At that same time, a retired gentleman was also shopping at the same pet store. He had with him his 9 month old Rottweiler puppy. He adopted the puppy from an animal shelter just ten days before the incident.

A New York Injury Lawyer said the retire gentleman had adopted a similar Rottweiler puppy years before from the same animal shelter and he had no problems with that adopted dog. This new dog exhibited a great disposition and the retired gentleman was training with the puppy.

After coming from the animal shelter, the puppy had contact with children. She had visited the pet store before the incident and the Rottweiler puppy had not exhibited any aggressiveness of territorial barking.

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One of the defendants is a domestic corporation that owns and operates a residential condominium located at 333 West 56th Street in Manhattan (Premises). Each of the remaining defendants, all of whom being domestic corporations located at 340 West 57th Street in Manhattan, are the managing agents of the Premises.

Plaintiff is a New York City resident.

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Birth Injury 126

The plaintiffs of this particular case are Miles Mendez, who is an infant, who is represented by his natural guardian and mother, Melina Mendez, and Melina Mendez individually. The defendant of the case is the New York and Presbyterian Hospital.

Case Facts

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Birth Injury 136

This is a case involving Hanna Jesionowska Peterson versus Andrew Garber, M.D. The case is being heard in the New York State Supreme Court in New York County. The judge for the case is Sheila Abdus-Salaam.

Case Facts

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The female complainant was a public charge from the time of her birth and maintained by the County Welfare Department infants’ homes and foster homes. She was married and was removed from the Welfare rolls.

A New York Injury Lawyer said in 1955 the complainant was involved in an automobile accident. By the order of the County Supreme Court, the infant’s settlement was allowed and bills were ordered paid to the County Welfare Department as reimbursement as a fifty percent compromise for sums paid by said Department to the hospital and the balance was ordered paid over to the Commissioner of Social Welfare as general guardian of the infant, jointly with the Guardianship Department of the Surrogate’s Court. The Welfare Department’s allegation that the money was expended on behalf of complainant from the date of her birth to shortly before her marriage appears to be unchallenged. By an order of a Judge, the sum of $4,012.95 then in the infant’s guardianship account was ordered to be paid to the Commissioner of Social Welfare as part reimbursement for the support, care and maintenance furnished by the County Department of Social Welfare. The pending proceeding is for an order setting aside the aforesaid order of the Surrogate’s Court and directing an accounting by the Commissioner of Social Services and payment of the funds to the complainants.

There appears to be no question but that the sums of money involved were in the guardianship account as a result of the infant’s settlement for personal injuries. The complainant’s theory is that funds of an infant from a personal injury settlement may not be applied for care and maintenance. Many cases in the State promulgate the theory.

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At the time of the accident, it was snowing and plaintiff was a passenger on defendants’ bus which got stuck in snow and slush at a bus stop in the Bronx. Plaintiff and the other passengers disembarked at the bus stop onto the sidewalk to wait for another bus. After waiting approximately 20 minutes, another bus arrived and stopped alongside the stranded bus. A New York Injury Lawyer said when plaintiff walked into the street and in front of the stranded bus to get on the second bus, she slipped and fell on the snow in the road and fractured her right elbow.

Plaintiff initiated a personal injury action alleging negligence on the part of defendants for their failure to equip the stranded bus with snow tires or snow chains, and for failing to provide plaintiff with a safe place to board the second bus.

The jury found defendants liable for failing to equip the bus with proper snow tires or chains but did not find defendants negligent, for failing to provide a safe place to board the replacement bus. The jury awarded plaintiff $450,000 in damages.

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The wife of the complainant went to a Hospital where she had a normal delivery of a child and she remained for five days at which time she and the infant were discharged.

The facts further indicate that the child was born with a right congenital hernia. In the best interest of the infant’s health, the operation was postponed for three months. A New York Injury Lawyer said that at that time, herniotomy was performed at another Hospital and the child was discharged after three days.

The services of the hospital and doctors during the confinement of the woman and her child amounted to $474.90 and the expenses incurred for correcting the hernia amounted to $288.00.

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When a person is injured in a place of business it is important that they notify that place of business immediately and in a timely manner. Failure to notify the management can cause the management to doubt the situation existed. It is also a matter for dispute in court. In one case that occurred at a movie theatre on Harkness Avenue in Brooklyn, New York is an example of this type of failure. A couple went to the movies at that theatre. At some point during the film, the woman left the man watching the movie and went out to the lobby to get some popcorn.

As she traversed the lobby, she slipped on a sticky liquid on the floor that was presumably some type of soda. She slip and fallfractured her wrist. She did not notify the movie theatre employees until the following day. She got up and returned to her seat. As she and her date were leaving that night, she pointed out the area to him and stated that she had fallen there. He told her that he had nearly fallen there himself at one point.

The following day, her wrist was hurting her and she went to a doctor for treatment. She was told that she had fractured her wrist. A New York Injury Lawyer said he and her date returned to the movie theatre that day and notified the assistant manager that the accident had happened. He purportedly told them that he had noticed the spill the night before and instructed the employees to clean it up, but that no one had listened to him. The spill had gone uncorrected. The woman filed a lawsuit against the theatre for personal injury that resulted from her fall on their property. However, in her own statement to the court, the woman stated that she had not seen the liquid on the floor prior to her fall and that to her knowledge it had not been reported to management prior to her accident. She stated that she had collected herself after the incident and returned to the movie. She had finished watching the movie and returned to her home. She stated that she waited until the following day to file the accident report with the theatre.

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A woman’s husband worked for a company whose union established a clinic for its members and their dependents. When the woman got pregnant with her first baby, she went to the union’s clinic. The clinic assigned her to an obstetrician who saw her and took care of her during her pregnancy. She gave birth vaginally to a baby boy and her pregnancy and childbirth was uneventful.

A New York Injury Lawyer said for this reason, when she got pregnant with her second baby, she again went to the union’s clinic and was assigned to the same doctor who assisted her first pregnancy. She saw the obstetrician on January 20, 1999 when she was just eight weeks pregnant. The woman was then 35 years old and she did not know that she had high blood pressure. She had six sonograms in total and all were normal.

When the woman was 25 weeks pregnant, the doctor measured the height of the baby and came to the conclusion that the child was too big for its gestational age. A blood test confirmed that the woman had gestational diabetes. Her pregnancy was considered as high rish and she was referred to a specialist who recommended that she be delivered at 39 weeks.

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