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It seems like the world has evolved quite a bit since Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus, according to a New York Injury Lawyer, but thousands of farmers are claiming that discrimination based on skin color is alive and well in the US Department of Agriculture. 

As if it isn’t difficult enough to make a living as a farmer in this day and age, to be discriminated against and refused loans based on your race is ludicrous and it is time that people took a stand against it. Reports received by the New York Injury Lawyer state that thousands of farmers have been denied loans that would have, in many cases, saved their crops and kept their farms going. 

Sources told the New York Injury Lawyer that black farmers who have tried to get loans in the past were treated as though they had no right to even know about loans for farmers, and some of them lost their farms as a result. There have been loans given to black farmers in the past, but the list is long for those who have applied and been denied. 

The New York Injury Lawyer mentioned that the National Black Farmers Association is attempting to get farmers the money that they should have been given twenty years ago. For some farmers who were unable to sustain their crops due to economic difficulties, it is too late. In Manhattan and Westchester County, work injury is a common complaint heard in the courts.

The United States is still a young nation and we have much growing yet to do, but it stands to reason that if discrimination because of skin color is still being used as a determining factor of who gets a money settlement and who doesn’t, we have scarcely made it out of the womb.

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If you go to work expecting to be safe, put in a day’s labor, go home and collect your pay check at the end of the week, join the millions of Americans who think the same way. Unfortunately, hundreds of workers who participated in the Gulf oil spill on the cleanup crews are now experiencing various ailments, headaches, chest pains and difficulty breathing, reported the New York City Injury Lawyer.

The prevailing question is whether or not the people are sick as a result of being exposed to the oil, or something else. This research will take some time to find the answer, but in the meantime, hundreds of gulf oil cleanup workers are talking to personal injury lawyers to find out where they stand legally with regard to filing a lawsuit against the oil companies and their employer(s).

The study will cost somewhere on the order of $14 billion and will follow 55,000 cleanup workers for ten years. While the number of workers they plan to follow may seem high, there were, overall, at least 130,000 people that helped clean the mess up, indicated the New York Injury Lawyer. That mess consisted of 4.1 million gallons of oil spilled directly in the Gulf for close to four months. Lawyers in Brooklyn and Queens feel that these cases will yield a big settlement.

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There has been no lawsuit filed against former Jets quarterback Brett Farve for workplace sexual harassment. Under New Jersey law, the statute of limitations for filing a workplace sexual harassment claim is two years, which has now elapsed, a New York Injury Lawyer informed. Farve allegedly texted obscene messages to a woman who was also employed by the Jets as a sideline reporter at the time. The woman claims that the messages and pictures she received from Favre were unsolicited and full of sexual overtones that made her uncomfortable. This could easily be considered a work injury case in Manhattan and Long Island.

The scandal was highly publicized and threats of a lawsuit were pending, but surprisingly, no lawsuit was ever filed. though the date for filing a workplace sexual harassment lawsuit has elapsed, there are other avenues that the woman could choose if she were to continue to take legal action against him. Under New Jersey law, the woman could still file a sexual harassment charge against the football superstar without having such time constraints placed upon the case, as long as it was not a workplace sexual harassment charge.

According to the New York Injury Lawyer, the NFL is conducting an internal investigation into the matter and will reveal its findings as soon as they are known. For now, it seems, the uncomfortable spotlight has been dimmed, but Farve could face more trouble in the future, depending upon what the investigation finds. At this time, neither Farve nor the woman who alleges his sexual misconduct could be reached for comment on the situation.

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