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Cop Seeks Damages Over ‘Racially Motivated’ Arrest, Says a New York Injury Lawyer


A NYPD sergeant is claiming that her recent arrest by a police captain for violating an expired order of protection was “racially motivated”, and seeks $11 million in restitution. The sergeant is black and the captain is white.

“I was surrounded by white supervisors and felt they wanted to hang me,” the sergeant told a New York Injury Lawyer of her arrest inside the 111th Precinct in Queens.

The sergeant says she was only following orders when she was told to bring in her 17-year-old son for a suspect lineup related to a robbery. The victim of the robbery was unable to identify him.

An order of protection against the sergeant had been filed earlier, after the sergeant allegedly hit her son, New York Injury Lawyers have learned. She was on modified duty because of this.

Her captain claimed she was violating the order by bringing her son in. Even though the sergeant claimed the order was no longer in effect, the captain arrested her anyway. “I felt like a perp, a prisoner, a criminal,” she told a New York Injury Lawyer.

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