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Dental Plaza clinics in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx Charged with Fraud Report a New York Injury Lawyer


Four men were part of a chain of dental offices were accused of a slew of state Medicaid-fraud charges. The Post exposed the clinics scam. Basically the men who ran Dental Plaza clinics in Brooklyn, Queens and Bronx took $5.7 million from the New York Medicaid fund. According to a New York Injury Lawyer, the Attorney General charged the there men.

According to New York Injury Lawyers, the men accused took advantage of various touts or flyer boys to recruit Medicaid car holders and then paid them in cash and gifts. The three men are set for arraignment. Health care providers are not allowed to give any kind of gifts other than something like a toothbrush.

The recruiting scheme often found drug addicts and mentally ill people fro rehab centers, psychiatric clinics and homeless shelters to use. The folks recruiting were often paid approximately $7 for each Medicaid patient they brought in and then the patients received between $10 and $15 for taking part in the scheme. New York Injury Lawyers indicate that the recruits unknowingly invited reporters into the clinics. One of the men had already been charged with Medicaid fraud but those charges were dismissed.

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