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Ex-Yankee takes no responsibility for drinking, driving and taking woman’s life


Jim Leyritz has always blamed his victim’s distracting nature and text messaging for his own drinking and driving incident and hasn’t learned a thing, according to New York Injury Lawyers.

“My life was dragged though the mud because I was a Yankee. I got tried because I’m an athlete! There was a good chance I was innocent!” exclaimed ex-New York Yankee Jim Leyritz, 46, who killed a woman driving drunk three years ago.

Leyritz, who was furious with arresting police shouted out, “I’m gonna make them lose their jobs.” He went on to slander the waitress and mother who he killed that night at 3 am. “I knew the girl,” he said snidely. “She was a dancer at one of the nightclubs.”

When asked if the girl was a naked dancer, he said laughing, “I don’t like to use the word,” “She’s a party girl.”

NY Injury Lawyers alleged that Leyritz drove through a red light after consuming more than 10 shots of alcohol. It was never proven the light was red, and Leyritz wasn’t tested for blood alcohol till three hours later. His level was.14 which is way over the .08 legal driving limit.

Convicted by a jury of misdemeanor driving under the influence, reduced from the original charge of manslaughter, Leyritz received probation, New York Injury Lawyers stated.

“It was an accident. A one-time accident,” he pleaded. “It could happen to you! You could lose three years of your life. I’m a good person!”

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