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Lesbian engineer seeks millions for false accusations


A 43-year old woman locomotive engineer, and self-proclaimed lesbian denies accusations of grabbing a co-worker’s breast and is suing the Long Island Rail Road for millions of dollars for the trouble, according to New York Injury Lawyers.

The woman consistently states that she only touched the accusing woman’s shoulder and was arrested unnecessarily for inappropriately touching the woman. She was then suspended without pay.

Although the district attorney in the case did NOT prosecute the woman, she has decided to sue both the Rail Road and the accuser.

Both women were engineers at the company and had a normal co-worker relationship and shared a locker. According to court reports, the woman allegedly walked over to her accusing co-worker to say hi.

“I put my hand on and squeezed her shoulder,” she testified. “She said, ‘What are you doing?’ She said if I touched her again she’ll ‘break my f—— arm.’

Another co-worker, who was sitting right next to the accuser said, “she grabbed and jiggled” her breast.

New York City Injury Lawyers said the accuser had a history of making similar sexual complaints against co-workers including accusing a male co-worker of slapping her. The man was docked five days’ pay whereas the lesbian lost about 20 days’ pay.

One of the attorneys for LIRR insisted a proper investigation was completed.

“My client did not lie, she told the truth,” said the accuser’s attorney in his opening statement, told Manhattan Injury Lawyers.

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