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Father Protests Freedom of Dog That Bit His 4-Year-Old Daughter, New York Injury Lawyer Reports


A dog that was slated to be euthanized after attacking a 4-year-old Riverdale girl was recently released, over the protests of the girl’s father, a New York Injury Lawyer has learned. “It’s ridiculous that the dog attacked us and left us scarred for life and they still won’t put it down,” the father told a New York Injury Lawyer. “I just don’t know what it takes.”

The dog, a 3-year-old pit bull, was freed after its owner got the support of a pet advocate lawyer and agreed to build a fence topped with barbed wire to contain the animal. “You’re coming home with me,” the 23-year-old dog owner told her pet. “I love him to death.”

The trouble began when the dog got loose from its yard and attacked the little girl and her father as they walked down the sidewalk looking at Christmas lights in December of 2009. The dog bit both of the girl’s feet, which required stitches and ripped the father’s leg open, New York Injury Lawyers have learned. The father is filing a lawsuit against the dog’s owner.

The girl’s family has since moved away, which had been planned before the attack occurred.

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