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Famed Attorney Boies May Help Suit Against BP, Reports New York Injury Lawyer


He’s just finished an examination in the highly public McCourt divorce case, but now David Boies is moving on to something of even higher profile – the suit against BP involving the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, sources tell a New York Injury Lawyer.

David Boies has asked for a seat on the committee in charge of multidistrict litigation against the British oil company and other corporate defendants who may have been involved in the April 2010 explosion that lead to a three-month long oil spill, according to New York Injury Lawyers.

Although BP has already opened up a $20 billion compensation fund for victims of the oil spill, litigation against the oil company is still very likely. A New Orleans district judge has received roughly 300 consolidated cases regarding BP and the spill, and he has called for lawyers with suits against the defendants to submit applications for a seat on the committee.

The judge says that among the criteria he will consider will be the willingness of the applicant to provide years of legal work, and experience in complicated legal matters and the ability to work well as a team or in a group, sources told a New York Injury Lawyer. Boies had no comment on his application.

Boies was quoted as being critical of the Obama administration’s moratorium on deepwater drilling after the oil rig explosion. He liked to believe that BP would have “stepped up to it anyway” rather than “sort of being clubbed into this”.

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