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Male Model Files Sexual Harassment Suit, says New York Injury Lawyer


All he wanted to do was work. Born with a pretty face and not much else, he knew his ticket to success in life was the potentially glamorous, and also potentially dangerous, world of male modeling, said a New York Injury Lawyer. And so he went to New York to make it big. Like so many others, maybe he was a bit naive, maybe a bit too trusting, but he was earned in his ambition. He needed to work, he needed the money to survive and the fame to thrive, and so he began talking to a famed high profile individual within the industry, noted a New York Injury Lawyer. He trusted the man, putting his career in his hands, willing to do what was required of him. That is, until he learned that what was required was the definition of sleazy.

One night, the male model was invited to the older gentleman’s home, with a promise of talking things over and furthering the male model’s career, reports a New York Injury Lawyer. There, things took a nasty turn for the worse as the older man grabbed the male model’s crotch and demanded sexual favors in exchange for career help. The model refused, ran away, bolting towards the door, ashamed and disgusted that a man he’d trusted had violated him as such, noted a New York Injury Lawyer. The model avoided the man for years until he was again promised a photo shoot. The model arrived at the house, found no one, and then found the older man’s hands in his underwear with the second promise of fame and fortune in exchange for sex.

Now, the model has filed a sexual harassment suit against the man, hoping to bring a little justice to a world in apparent need of it.

Sexual harassment comes in many forms and in many industries. If you’ve been a victim of such abuse contact a New York Injury Attorney today.

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