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Manhattan Man Sues Dating Service Reports A Suffolk County Injury Lawyer


A lovelorn man attempts to find a mate through a dating agency. He paid ten thousand dollars to the agency to try to find the woman of his dreams. The matchmaker promised perfection for those seeking a mate. However, when the man was not happy with the selection of dates, he requested a refund reports New York Injury Lawyers.

The dating service refused to refund his money. The man indicated that he was promised dates with beautiful women who were the dream of powerful executives and eligible bachelors. When the woman who represented the dating service didn’t hold up her end of the deal, the man asked for a refund. The dating service refused to refund his money reports New York Injury Lawyers.

The dating services claims to be almost perfect when creating love matches for well-heeled clients. The company’s website features dozens of sexy women in skimpy swimsuits and lots of cleavage. The man is suing because he says that the dating service didn’t even manage to provide him with three appropriate dates each month. According to the man, the women that he met from the service were either already in relationships with other men, didn’t meant his personal standards or did not approve of his background. New York Injury Lawyers report that the man requested a refund within ninety days of signing up but that the agency would not pay.

The man indicated that he met a representative of the agency and signed up with the agency shortly after. He indicated that he had been enticed by the ads promoting the agency’s ability to match men and women based on personality and other criteria. The representative from the agency indicated that she had no idea the man was unhappy with the dates he was receiving. She said he never told her as much. According to New York Injury Lawyers, the representative for the dating agency only responded by stating that she felt there was a mistake and that she would take care of the problem immediately.

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