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Milwaukee Archdiocese files for bankruptcy following barrage of sexual abuse claims, claims New York Injury Lawyer


A New York Injury Lawyer reports that, following a host of sexual abuse claims regarding the molestation of children by priests and clerics, the Milwaukee Archdiocese is now filing for bankruptcy protection in order to balance out the massive financial cost of suits filed against local priests that have allegedly molested and sexually abused children. 

The NY City Injury Lawyer explains that a barrage of accusations against priests, dating back decades, have bubbled to the surface. Critics claim that the Archdiocese is merely attempting to hide the identity of the priests in an effort to deflect attention away from the seriousness of the allegations of abuse that have been made. 

Reports point to many such incidences of abuse, including one priest who allegedly molested more than 200 deaf boys at the St. Johns school for the deaf over his tenure there, which spanned decades. Victims of this man’s abuse have stepped forward in droves, and the hot water that the church finds itself in is coming to a boil. 

While the Archdiocese maintains that such behavior is inexcusable, many people feel that the Church as a whole is not doing nearly enough and that compensating victims for the abuse that happened in the past does nothing to prevent clerics from sexually abusing minors in the future. The growing problem of sexual crimesand abuse by religious figures in recent years has brought to light the seriousness of the problem as victims are feeling supported enough to come forward and have their voices heard.

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