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Multi Vehicle Car Accident Causes Many Injuries and the Need for a New York Injury Lawyer


A multi-car accident happened in Commack, New York on March eighteenth, 2009.

At almost nine thirty a.m., Anthony CiFuentes, 20, was driving along Commack Road going south. While a garbage truck was haulted at a red light in the opposite lane at New Highway, CiFuentes car veered into it. After hitting the garbage truck, CiFuentes hit two other vehicles. He was driving a 1998 Nissan Altima.

The area of the accident was tapped off with yellow tape after the incident. One of the cars was completely damaged from the crash as the front of the car was smashed and the glass was shattered.

Immediately after the accident, CiFuentes was was transported by airlift to Stony Brook University Medical Center. There he was pronounced as dead at about eleven a.m. Four members traveling in the garbage truck remained uninjured as well as the passengers in the two other automobiles. CiFuentes’ car has been taken in for a safety check and the accident is still being explored for further details.

Any person injured in the accident should hire a New York Injury Lawyer. As there is no specific reason for the crash, a good NY Injury Lawyer can protect your legal rights including money for damages and other expenses.

Stephen Bilkis & Associates with its New York Injury Lawyers, has convenient locations all over the New York Metropolitan area including Nassau County, NY. Our Personal Injury attorneys can provide you with advice to guide you in situations where an injury resulted because of anothers negligence. Without a New York Injury Attorney you may lose your precious rights which ultimately may cost you dearly.

If it turns out that you need a Criminal Attorney, Stephen Bilkis and Assoc. can make one available in addition to providing an Injury Lawyer.

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