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News director accused of sexual harassment, states NY Injury Lawyer


The news director of a New York station reportedly asked employees which of the female

reporters was most attractive at a business dinner in 1997. Employees were asked which

they would most likely sleep with as well, reports a New York Injury Lawyer. All

the reporters were mentioned. This specific incident did not occur on company property

or company time. One particular anchor was singled out most by male colleagues on

other occasions as well, often referring to her as “BBB-Big Butt Booty”. A picture of her

with her breasts altered to be much larger than they really are could be seen in various

places around the news station, as a former news assistant testified. The female anchor

had complained to Human Resources about issues with the station before, but the HR

director said none of the complaints were of a sexual nature. At least not until the

anchor accused a male reporter of trying to kiss her when he took her home after a

party. The HR director stated to New York Personal Injury Lawyers that the anchor

wanted to handle the situation without her help, despite feeling threatened by the man.

Further testimony resumes on this case in Brooklyn federal court. The lawsuit was filed

by only two of the female employees, the anchor and another reporter against the news

cable channel. It was not mentioned if the other reporter named as co-plaintiff in this

case was subject to any other harassment beyond the business dinner incident.

If you have been the victim of sexual harassment, bring your assailants to justice. Call a

New York Injury Lawyer today and let their knowledge and sharpness go to

work for you. You deserve to be vindicated.

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