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Psychic sued by ex-boyfriend, tells a New York City Injury Lawyer


The ex-boyfriend of a psychic to celebrities is suing his former lover for $14 million in the

Manhattan Supreme Court, claiming that she used his psychological financial weakness

against him. The claim states that the psychic persuaded the man to give her signatory

power regarding his bank accounts, and then drained him out of all of his money

according to New York Injury Lawyers. He, being a best-selling author by the

New York Times, also says that he was the one to launch her into a writing career,

taking her notes and compiling them into a book. He was able to get the advances she

needed for each of her books, which promoted her consulting as well. The suit alleges

that the psychic convinced the man to give her money he received in royalties on his

own writing, which came to approximately $350,000 annually, using his love for her

young son to compel him. The couple met in 1994 and quickly became romantically

involved. He stepped in as a father figure for her son who was two years old at the time.

The psychic was doing readings for some clients, according to a New York Injury Lawyer, but supposedly had very little income. She is therefore accused of taking

advantage of her relationship with the author and preying upon his inability to properly

manage his own finances to support herself. The psychic denies these allegations saying

her former boyfriend hasn’t earned his own living in ten years, but was supported by


If someone has taken advantage of you financially, do not think that you can fight them

on your own. You will require the knowledge and training of a New York Personal Injury

Attorney to recover everything that you have lost. Personal injury attorneys can help

with more than just harm to your physical body. Put a New York Personal Injury Lawyer

in your corner, and get restitution for your losses.

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